Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I've tried meditation in the past quite a few times, but of course it's something that I push to the side and don't make time for it.  This is something that I'm adding to my daily routine.  Notice how I said I'm adding to rather than I'll try to.  You have to believe it and not make excuses to actually accomplish adding something to your routine.

 I actually feel quite wonderful after mediating or a good yoga workout.  I hang on to stress until I'm a ball of nerves and end up making myself sick.  Actually making myself sick!  I never felt like my emotions were connected to making me physically sick, but after having 3 sinus infections back to back.  I knew it had to do with my stress levels.  This is something I can change in my life to get myself back on track to become healthier.  It will not happen overnight, but making steps each day I will achieve a happier and healthier life. The step I took today was finding an app that allows me to mediate anywhere.  I like guided meditation, it helps me to stay present and not fall asleep.  I'm trying out Headspace for ten days and I'll let you know how I like it. The first day was great and the animated explanations on meditation that they have on the app are fantastic.
It did help me let go of something that was bothering me and I call that a success for today!

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