Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update on Meditation

I completed the 10 days with Headspace and I enjoyed it, but it was pretty much the same thing each day. I'm not sure if it changes when you subscribe to the service or not. Maybe I'll try it out, but I can always do the 10 days over again since they are free. I also feel like I get the benefits of meditation through yoga practice as well.
I did a yoga routine today and felt like my body was humming or buzzing afterwards. It's a weird sensation, but I always feel so good and more awake after yoga. Yoga is a fantastic exercise and helps reduce stress and anxiety. I started to do yoga about 7 years ago after I had my first child. I loved it. I always got a great workout and it was a perfect escape from a colicky baby. I went twice a week and ended up getting to my lowest weight by pretty much only doing yoga as exercise.
I'm beginning to incorporate more yoga into my exercise routine and am hoping to see the benefits in terms of relaxation and added flexibility.

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