Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Water, Drink it!

I'm not going to lie I've never been a fan of drinking water.  I usually have to force myself to drink it. Now my daughter on the other hand always picks water which I think is awesome.
I am always aiming to drink more water each day.  Some days I do great and I feel like I'm floating along with all the water sloshing around inside my stomach and other days I get busy and forget.

I've found the key is to fill up a water bottle first thing in the morning and carry it around everywhere. 

Another way that helps me drink more is to flavor the water with lemon or lime or cucumber.  I bought a relatively cheap glass water pitcher that you can put lemons or whatever flavor you like in the infuser and it flavors the water.  The kids enjoy it too.

Cheers to drinking more water each day. 

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